Guide to getting all enchantments available in Minecraft

Tue Jan 10. 2023

Guide to getting all enchantments available in Minecraft

Minecraft is a large open-world, nature-filled game that also offers a variety of magic and enchantments. Minecraft has a vast magic system that allows players to enchant their tools and create unique potions. Players can also travel to mysterious realms with the help of these potions.

Enchanting various armor and tools is one of the most important aspects to Minecraft. There are many types and specialties to enchantments. It can take a lot of work to obtain all the enchantments. But if players know where they can look, they'll find them sooner.

There are 38 enchantments available in Minecraft. You can acquire them all by using different methods.

Enchanting Table

An Enchanting Table is the best way to enchant armor or tools. This table allows players to trade their XP in exchange for different levels of enchantments.

The number of bookshelves around the table determines the level of enchantment. It is entirely random so players will not be able get specific ones.

All enchantments are available except for treasure ones such as Frost Walker, Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing.

A Librarian can help you get Enchanted books

A Librarian is the best way to obtain all the Enchantments in Minecraft (except Soul Speed). A Librarian is a villager who uses a Lectern block to give Enchantments in form of books. The level of the enchantment may vary.

Trade with Emeralds or a book and he can grant almost any enchantment at any stage. Librarians are able to provide any enchantment at random and will trade that one until the player re-employs them.

Bartering with Piglins

Bartering can be done in Minecraft with Piglins. The mob will take any gold items that players throw and can exchange them for any other item. This is one method to obtain the rare Soul Speed Enchantment, which can be found in a book or in your boot.

You can also find enchanted items in other places, such as chest loots that are scattered all over the globe. You can also fish and find almost any enchanted object. You have the chance to drop an item if you are part of a hostile mob.