How to take a screenshot in Minecraft

Tue Dec 13. 2022

How to take a screenshot in Minecraft

While Minecraft was originally a PC-exclusive title that came with the Java Edition, it has become one of the most loved games ever. It is compatible with many platforms, including consoles and PC, as well as mobile devices.

The social aspect of Minecraft is one of its best features. It's great to share builds and ingame creations with your friends, and even to post on public forums like Reddit and Discord.

It's easy to take screenshots on most platforms. This guide will show you how to take screenshots in Minecraft on any major platform.

How to capture a screenshot of each Minecraft platform

For Java Edition players

The Java Edition of Minecraft includes a convenient built-in screenshot tool. To take a screenshot, players simply need to hit the F2 key.

Chat should then display a message confirming that the screenshot was taken successfully. The screenshot can then typically be found inside the folder ".minecraft/screenshots".

For PC (Bedrock), players

However, it is a little more difficult to take screenshots on the Bedrock Edition. Players will need to use a screenshot tool to accomplish this. Windows 10 has its own built in screenshot tool that can be used by players by pressing the print screen button.

Mac users can press command + shift + 3. This will take a screenshot of the entire screen. It will then be saved to the local desktop.

Chromebook players can press CTRL + F5 (may also labeled "show all windows button") The files app will save the screenshot.

For console (Bedrock) players

If you are using a PS4/PS5 console, press and hold on the share button to open a menu that will allow you to choose whether to take a video clip or screenshot.

To use an Xbox system, players can press the primary Xbox button twice quickly and then hit the Y key. The screen should be taken and saved locally.

Last, but not least: Nintendo Switch users can hit the dedicated screenshot button. It will be located on the left-hand controller, in the shape of a small button at the bottom.

For Mobile (Bedrock/Pocket Edition) players

It's very easy to take a picture on your mobile device. To take a screenshot, simply press the home and lock buttons simultaneously on an iPhone. The local photos will then be saved.

Android users can simultaneously press the power and lower volume buttons to capture their screen.