Minecraft top chest items

Mon Nov 14. 2022

Minecraft top chest items

There are many treasure chests scattered throughout Minecraft. These chests can be found in various locations and contain valuable loot. Some chest loots are more valuable than others.

Treasure chests are blocks naturally generated that can hold all types of chest loot. These are found in almost all natural-generated structures across all three realms.

These chests can hold all kinds of items from useless bones and rotten meat to rare and valuable items that cannot be made by any other means.

5) Saddle

Saddles can only be found in chest loots. They cannot be made by anyone. These items allow players to ride donkeys, horses, mules and other ridable mobs. You can find saddles in Dungeons and Desert Temples, Nether Fortresses, Bastion Remnants, and other locations.

4) Name tags

Name tags are another rare item, and cannot be crafted. They can only be found in chest loot. These items allow players to identify any mob in the game. Anvils can be used to name any mob and can then be used on it by players. Name tags can be found in Dungeons and Mineshafts as well as Woodland Mansions.

3) Treasure Enchantment Book

Some treasure enchantments, such as Mending, Frost Walker and Soul Speed, can't be applied to an enchanting table. These enchanted books can be found as chest loot. These books can be found in Dungeons and Mineshafts as well as Bastion Remnants, Strongholds, and other locations.

2) Diamond Horse Armor

Horse armor can't be made by any means. It is only possible to find it in chest loot. The best horse armor is diamond, as it provides maximum protection. This item is available in many places, including Dungeon, Desert Temples and End Cities.

1) Enchanted Golden Apple

The most powerful food item in the game is the enchanted golden apple. This chest loot item offers eight additional hearts and protects players from various status effects. It is also one of the rarest, most valuable loot items. The maximum chance to find it in Bastion Remnants is 6.5%. This item is available in Bastion Remnants and Woodland Mansions as well as Dungeons.