Problems Only Minecraft Gamers Understand

Mon Oct 24. 2022

Problems Only Minecraft Gamers Understand

For people with an unlimited imagination, Minecraft offers endless possibilities. There is always something to do, whether you are looking to build in the wild or survive in it. Since its launch in 2011, the game has enjoyed great popularity and high praise.

Online servers are available if you don't feel like playing alone. There are many popular ones like Hypixel, Mineplex and HiveMC. Servers can contain minigames and roleplaying games, battle royale, parkour maps, as well as other features. There are some problems with running a Minecraft server, regardless of how popular it is.

10 Dreaded Hackers

Hackers aren't uncommon onĀ Minecraft servers. It's fun to own a server until you meet them. Hackers are always trying to improve their character and make it faster. Hacking is not only unfair to other players but can also cause server problems. It takes time to remove these players, especially on smaller servers.

There are hackers who can make themselves invulnerable to other gamers, which is a terrifying fear for those who have not been exposed to such cheaters in previous titles. For help, you can always go to the Minecraft forums! One can be found here.

9 How to Find the Specific Mod That Causes Problems in The Server

Updates to Minecraft are always exciting, with new sounds and mobs as well as blocks. It makes the game even more enjoyable for single-player. This can be a problem for servers. Specific code might be modified when the game is updated. Mods can be affected if a code was changed by the developers.

Servers often have multiple mods, including the popular shader mods, that work together. A server can crash if an update affects one of these mods. After a crash, it is necessary to go through every mod and test them until you find the problem one.

8 Players Begging For Abilities

A server, such as Hypixel shown here, allows you to chat with other players and deal with impatient ones. Some players prefer to start over and gain the most power as soon as they join the server. Operator Powers allow a player to use cheats, summon objects and teleport. It's possible for this to vary from one server to another, but it is important.

These powers should not be given to everyone by server owners as they could cause serious damage if they are misused. These powers are usually given to servers that the owner has spoken with or knows.

7 Things You Forget To Back Up

It is smart to back up everything in order to protect your world's progress. It is vital to keep a server up, because you need to be able to restore everything in the event of an error. These issues include server griefing, broken mods and bugs, as well as other problems.

This is a good habit to develop, but it's possible that the server owner might forget to do so. All players will weep at the thought of that fateful day. This is one of the most frustrating issues facing anyone who runs a Minecraft server. It's one thing for you to play in lag, but it's quite another to console angry users who are playing in the lag.

6 Terrible Server Lags

Online games can experience lag. It can be a problem for even the most powerful gaming PCs. There are many reasons for this, from insufficient RAM to poor Internet connectivity.

It is a hassle for both the server owner and the players, who sometimes bombard him with questions or demands.

5 You Do Not Have Enough RAM

They require a lot RAM. This is so that they can run many mods and plugins without lag. Even a small server may need 1GB RAM for 20 players.

The RAM of servers will increase as players add more players. It can be quite a shock to discover that the RAM is not sufficient, especially considering the high cost of upgrading. Server owners who don't make money off the server can find this quite frustrating.

Four Updates to the Mods

Mods are loved by the community and help make the game better. These mods are a great way to improve gameplay and your server. However, this can be problematic.

Each mod takes a while to download. Then comes the regular updates. There are many mods that you can use to improve your server. It can be difficult to update each mod individually. Each mod must be re-downloaded after it updates. This can be quite a chore.

3 The Griefers

It's a thrilling experience to build a beautiful house or any other building in Minecraft. It is amazing how much time and effort goes into building certain buildings, especially if the player has made them for a specific server.

Griefers are a group of players. They are a group of players called Griefers. Their goal is to make the game as boring as possible and, if they have the chance, destroy the world. Griefers can be destructive builders, spamming the server chat, or creating offensive structures. They are the most difficult players that a server owner must deal with. They are similar to hackers and can be destructive in many online games.

2 Getting people to join the server

It is difficult enough to get a server, mods and staff. Next, you must actually get players. Because of the many other successful servers, it can be difficult to start a server. It is not easy to get players.

Advertising on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Twitter is enough to frustrate. It can be difficult to come up with a strategy that will allow you to attract legitimate players. Although there are some paid advertising opportunities, it's not guaranteed that they will attract players. Every new Minecraft fan who joins the board is a win. Don't lose heart!

1 Broken Plugins

A plugin can make a server more special. You can add new features to your server without impacting gameplay. You could add the currency idea. This encourages players back to the server to get more or to earn currency.

Plugins that break can be very difficult to fix. If players have earned high rankings or currency, this can cause problems. A broken plugin could cause all achievements to be reset. This can lead to a lot of stress for server administrators.